Serving as organizational effectiveness and leadership development consultant to teams and individuals in a variety of high-performance roles, Asa leverages his clinical training and extensive exposure to executive coaching methodologies alongside an array of related multidisciplinary expertise in order to help his partners thrive.

Regardless of methodology, Asa's approach to coaching begins with a focus on becoming grounded in what IS, effectively allowing a balance between being and doing ... and laying the foundation for curiosity, clarity and growth.

Adjusting your mindset is NOT something taught in school...

Discover how powerful your mindset truly is.

Matt Baker

“ With one of the most important moments in my career approaching - a solo performance at Carnegie Hall, I was finding it increasingly hard to manage my time and prepare for the performance - including learning repertoire, technical practice on the piano, vocal practice and lessons as well as making quality time for a new and blossoming relationship and being present while with my partner.

Life’s small daily tasks were getting the better of me and often eating up the whole day, as well as everything beginning to become a bit overwhelming.

I came across Asa upon recommendation, and began to consult with him over Skype. Asa helped create a plan for me to achieve all the practice I needed, but not just the practical – he explained and assisted with the mindset I needed to adopt, to achieve the goals and not let life’s mundane tasks overtake. The motivation and encouragement outside of our Skype sessions on this occasion was greatly appreciated as well.. The performance at Carnegie was great, and felt I was prepared the best I could be."

 — Matt Baker, Modern Jazz Pianist/Composer

Where you put your attention makes a difference

Surprise yourself when inner-work results in outer success


“Asa helped me tremendously in refocusing my attention on things that really matter in my life amidst the daily mayhem, and also slowing myself down to truly live and deal in the here and now and not be distracted by fear of the future.

I think these "self tools" came in extremely helpful when I felt myself stuck in decisions. Perhaps the most powerful thing Asa helped me with was to stop focusing on the fork in the road and just keep driving (to sum it up). That advice and insight resonated for me both personally and professionally.

I think professionally Asa's coaching was instrumental in helping me be a better mentor at work. It provided me clarity in my own interactions, and also helped me be a more effective coach for others.”

— Keri Kutakoff, Penn Mutual

Your creative potential is Rooted in your Presence...

Understand how and why top performers focus on mindfulness.


“ I have been working with Asa for over one year now and my work with him has been immeasurable. I always struggled with worrying about what the future may bring for me, my family, my finances and my relationships.

After really getting to know me and understand who I am, Asa has helped and continues to help me stay present, or recognize when I am not being present and giving me the tools to get back to being present. My definition of being present is doing what I can do today to move me towards my goals and aspirations, and not wasting energy on worrying about the future.

We have a choice of where to focus our energy and efforts. My work with Asa has allowed me to be more focused, more productive and happier in all areas of my life."

 — Craig Katz, Strategies for Wealth

Being and doing are two sides of the same coin

realize how struggle disappears in the face of true presence

“A friend of mine had used Asa as a business consultant and raved about the experience. I didn’t go into it with any expectations other than to have some conversations with someone who was confidential, objective, and experienced in talking with people stuck in their heads and wanting to change their life flow…

Our interactions were free form. I didn’t feel burdened with “homework” like one might expect from a “coach”. Yet, I felt inspired to be accountable for the energy and choices I was making.

What I found to be arresting about Asa was his sense of being truly present. Because of Asa’s ability to hold space, the real work quickly rises to the surface. What you thought you were struggling with is replaced with a more simple way to open to the flow of life.”

Sally Flanagan, Owner of Lovely Bones Locations

Relationships are at the core of your success...

Learn how alignment with compassion and empathy uncover hidden value and opportunity.


“ Asa helps me be more empathic with myself and others, which improves the effectiveness of my communication tremendously.  Asa also serves as a sounding board, allowing the opportunity to role-play in the context of a more authentic, compassionate approach to relationships than most other sales approaches.

I’d certainly recommend his services to anyone in finance or management, or professionals working with relationship-based sales, as well as other high-level performers such as professional athletes who would benefit from a different perspective on connecting with themselves and others."

Charles Lovejoy, VP Mass Mutual Rochester