Private Lessons in Mindfulness

with Asa Nadeau, LCSW, MPH

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Asa is a Cape Cod native who draws from a breadth of expertise in both the arts and sciences to deeply inform his engagements as a clinician, coach, and consultant to individuals and organizations.  Visit Asa on LinkedIn to see what else he's up to.

As a life-long student of mindfulness-related philosophy, Asa closely identifies with the curiosity and wonder which rest at the core of his own learning; thus, lessons are authentically presented from a place of non-judgement and openness.



After submitting your contact information via the online inquiry form below, an initial conversation is scheduled during which options for lessons are discussed.  Options for private mindfulness lessons include in-person engagements from an hour long up to a full day retreat, as well as ongoing remote learning options (video chat), all tailored to your specific needs and interests.  If you are interested in taking mindfulness classes in a meditation studio environment, please visit our partner at



Remote lessons take place in the comfort of your own home via video chat.  In-person lessons are available near Asa's home in Orleans, MA on Cape Cod, and often times he can even travel to you!  Asa loves to teach mindfulness-in-action, particularly outdoors, so informal activity-based and nature-based mindfulness lessons are readily available in conjunction with the learning of formal meditation skills.



Once your below inquiry form is submitted and received, you will be sent an email that includes a link to schedule an initial conversation at no charge. 

The initial conversation consists of dialogue around your needs and interests, how I feel I can best support you, and what the different options will require of you in terms of time and financial investment.

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